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教授 博導



Dr. Fangyuan LI, Professor

Room 707, Bridge Hall, Tongji University,

No. 1239 Siping Road, 200092 Shanghai, China  

Phone number: +86-21-65983096(O)

Fax number: +86-21-65983096Wechat ID: 13916652202E-mail address: fyli@#edu.cn

Professor of Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University.

Research Fellow of Tongji OVM Prestress Research Center.

       He completed his Bachelor, Master degree in Structure and Material Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology in 1995 and 1998, and then he got his PhD degree in Bridge Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University in 2001, followed by Post-doctoral research in Tongji University until 2004.

       His research interests include design theory for bridges and buildings, prestressing technology, durability of structure, and new material of civil engineering with new construction technology. He has published about 180 papers in journals, conferences and reports, and has more than 30 patents. He is the member of several international journal’s editorial board, also is the member of CCES(Institute of China Civil Engineering), ASTM (Committee on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, Committee on Gypsum and Related Building Materials and System). He have designed or joined in the design more than 20 bridges.



  • 1991.9-1995.7     中國礦業大學   工業與民用建筑專業(結構工程)       學士

  • 1995.9-1998.7     中國礦業大學   礦山建設工程專業(建筑材料)        碩士

  • 1998.9-2001.7     西南交通大學   橋梁、隧道及結構工程專業(橋梁工程)    博士


  • 2001.10-2002.4    上海市教育基建管理中心   工程

  • 2002.4-2004.3     同濟大學橋梁工程系     博士后

  • 2007.9-2008.9     上海市虹口區城市規劃管理局    副局長

  • 2011.1-2012.1     Loughborough University    訪問學者

  • 2004.3-至今      同濟大學橋梁工程系  


  • 本科生課程



    (3)工程軟件應用                               (4)荷載設計原則

  • 博士生課程




  • 新型弦索空中軌道交通運輸系統開發與應用

  • 新型建筑材料(UHPC、定向纖維、高彈性混凝土、高強輕質混凝土)與結構應用

  • 橋梁結構3D打印材料與結構打印工藝研究

  • 混凝土橋梁結構及預應力技術開發與應用

  • 橋梁結構改造與維護(頂升移位、拓寬改造、加固提標)

  • 裝配式橋梁結構的設計與施工技術?橋梁輕型化快速建造技術

Research Area

  1. New structure design and application (Pretensioned AERORail System);

  2. Modified concrete materials (UHPC, directional fiber concrete, high-elastic concrete, high-strength lightweight concrete) and its application.

  3. 3D printing technology with concrete and construction process;

  4. Concrete bridge design theory;

  5. Prestressing technology and application;

  6. Reconstruction and maintenance of bridge structures;

  7. Design and construction techniques of fabricated bridge structures

  8. Technology for rapid and lightweight construction of Bridges

Focus on the area

New Structure: Pretensioned AERORail System 

       The Pretensioned AERORail system that Prof. Li has studied from 2004 when he was post doctor and got several patents for invention. From the model scales 1:20, 1:10, 1:5 to full scale, he almost completed the basic researches before application. Now he already drove the testing car running on the AERORail.

New material: Directional Fiber Reinforced Concrete

       The target of DFRC is to take full advantage of the steel fiber for structure cracking resistance, especially for the 3DP to increase the crack resistance of layers.

New technology: 3D Concrete Printing Technology in China

       A large 3D concrete printer has been successfully developed according our invention patents, which can print full size components to complete relevant mechanical experiments.


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